Clandestibo Festival #5 2007

Tippa Irie & The Dubashanti band feat G Vibes


Tippa Irie Aka Anthony Henry was born 35 years ago in England, of Jamacian parents. He grew up in Brixton, London. During the evenings his father used to listen to artists like U-Roy, Big Youth and Trinity, that Tippa imitated, and who later on became his huge heroes. (JPEG) “I started to get good at what I was doing so I joined the sound-system King Tubbys as a DJ (based in Brixton).” That is how the way to the top started for Tippa Irie. And the reggae lovers around the world have to thank him for that struggle: because on that way he has created hits like Hello Darling and Rebel on the Roots Corner, released a couple of blinding albums like Ah-Me-Dis and Mr Versatile. He has also toured the world with gigs in places as far away as Japan, Gambia and his parents’ home country Jamaica. The critics have hailed Tippa Irie for being an uncompromising artist. Presumably for combining the heritage of the roots-reggae from the 70s with the modern kind, with its rock hard beat. Tippa says that he is “bored to death with the mass-produced groups that lack talent” and that he has consistently defended the original against today’s commercial and “middle of the street” forces that rule the business. Tippa’s quick and unmistakable beat can be seen as a cure against reggae’s and ragga’s mainstreaming - and it might be down to this fact that he has stayed on top of his game for the last 20 years, both as a DJ and singer, and influenced millions of young musicians around the world. His trademark is not only mixing the old and new when it comes to reggae, but also combining it with deep and meaningful lyrics, which confirms his seriousness and great love towards the music. We should not be surprised over the fact that Tippa is one of the most famous reggae singers in England, were only Pato Banton and Macka B can be mentioned in the same sentence with any real fairness. Now Tippa has finally arrived to Sweden and brings along with him his live band, The Dubashanti band and the singer G Vibes. It hardly needs mentioning that Tippa’s great voice, carried on by the band’s profound groove, will provide a night to remember for people that love passionate and eccentric music. .

Robert Azar