Clandestibo Festival #5 2007

Frederic Galliano Kuduro Sound System


(JPEG) Kuduro means hard arse in Portuguese. That is why Frédéric Gallianos dancers also are called “kuduristas”. For those who visited Clandestino Festival #3/2005, this is a fine reunion, but no recurrence. Then, two years ago, Galliano performed with The African Divas, i.e. Tiguist Fekere (Ethiopia), Aissata Baldé (Senegal) and Hadja Kouyaté (Guinea). This year he is affected by music from the ancient Portuguese colony Angola.

Kuduro was born in Angola ten years ago and is to 100 % produced there. The music is electronic with influences from traditional musics. House is mixed with Brazilian, Caribbean and Latin rhythms. The inspiration comes partly from the Carnival in Angola, where the beats lies on 140 bpm (beats per minute), an ancestor to the Brazilian samba.

Great flow

You can try to chill to it, but you can also let the marrow in the kidneys pump out loads of adrenalin into the blood and make the muscles vibrate in symbiosis with the strong rhythms. If you start to dance it’s impossible to quit. With the kuduristas in the lead, a sensual but at the same time raw choreography is delivered, together with protest texts in Portugese.

Galliano was born and raised in Valance, southeast of France. Yet Africa, with its expanse and multitude, has always been a second home for this artist soul. He is educated in sculpture but abandoned that profession to instead concentrate on music. Before the debut album with “Frédéric Galliano: Espaces baroques” (1998), he worked as a dj within house and garage on the French scene. At that time dance remix was the most interesting thing. But he gradually passed to more experimental styles, such as abstract jazz and house that he remixed with African music. Year 2000, the record label Frikyiwa was founded by Frédéric Galliano. The kora king Ali Boulo Santo and the electronic musicians Lipitone and Louďs 2000 (who performed at Clandestino #3/2005) have released their album on this label, among many others. The unique thing with Gallianos approach is that he comes to the artists and records in the local place, instead of taking them to his studio. His intention is that the most interesting music comes from the countryside, and it should be taken care of right there.

This time the pioneering kuduristas Herculano Gomes Teixeira aka Tony, Luis Miguel Sanchez Andrade aka Psycho and Elina Lopes Fernandes will climb the stage together with Galliano.

If you are or wish to be a kudurista, don’t miss this opportunity to see and learn from the masters. If you are a break-dancer, you will totally flip!

Nathalie Bödtker-Lund