Clandestibo Festival #5 2007

2/5 BZ


"...Like the music, in his films many things break in and apart, in order to hand out unheard-of references and opens up a whole new view on the oriental world and its strange trash." DE BUG Magazine 06/2006

(JPEG) The Turkish audiovisual artist Serhat Köksal founded the project 2/5 BZ in Istanbul 1986. Like a multimedia project in constant evolution, the result has been shown in different formats: cassette, video collage, DVD and CD, vinyl, photocopied slips of paper, stickers and since the early 90s a form of live showcases. 2/5 BZ is a bubbling cut-up-montage made from traditional musics, experimental electronics, footage from B- and C-Films that have been forged together in a Dada-esque confrontation with pop, oriental, kitsch, TV comedies and folklore. 2/5 BZ has made 98 audiovisual appearances in 70 cities in 14 different countries in Europe, Asia and North America at festivals, in clubs and in other more non-conventional occasions. Under the slogan “No Exotic, No Ethic Market, No Touristy” he examines cultural clichés and their effects on our economic and political situation, how these penetrate into the Turkish subconscious. BBC’s late John Peel highlighted the project a couple of years ago when he said: “Of all the music I heard in Turkey, I liked 2/5 BZ the best.” Turkish popular film and deconstruction, exotic tourism and anti city myths, coping culture and remakes, critical sound art and audiovisual experiments that uses film sequences and samples. In short: a critical and humoristic recycling of mass culture. At Clandestino Festival 2/5BZ plays his new performance NO Exotic NO Pipeline Bridge NO Gasionalism. Come early!!! 2/5 BZ is the first act on stage this night at the former opera house.

Dj Mleccha